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Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch and Anna Dorothea Baum

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch (1793 - 1867) Anna Dorothea Baum (1802 - 1893)

The history of the Koch family is published in the current edition of Koch Connections 1839-1999. The Koch Committee have extensively researched the family and have documented 7000 descendants. However, some information did not make it to print.

Timothy Paul Koch

I am a direct descendant of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch Jnr and his second marriage to Auguste Albertine Braunack. Johann is the second child of the original family to arrive in Australia in 1839. My family information is detailed on page 189 of Koch Connections.

Additional Information (not in the book):

1st Marriage 17th November 1982, Esperance Western Australia, divorced 1990:
Eugenie Claire Burchard, born 1963, the only child of Eugene and Claire Burchard of Esperance Western Australia. Nathan Phillip Koch is the only child to this marriage born 1983 Kalgoorlie Western Australia.

2nd Marriage 6th May 2005 in Cairns Queensland:
Lisa Anne Carpenter b1958 Sydney NSW Australia. Lisa has 3 children to a previous marriage.

Origin: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch
born: 18 Nov 1793, Rakau Brandenburg Prussia
died: 1 Dec 1867, Rowland Flat SA
Wife: Anna Dorothea Baum
born: 10 Aug 1802, Prussia
died: 4 Nov 1893, Rowland Flat SA
Koch Connections:
- Original Settlers (5,915k)
- Will of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch (3,710k)
Generation 1: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch (2nd child)
born: 10 Dec 1826, Rakau Brandenburg Prussia
died: 24 May 1896, Rowland Flat SA
Wife: Wilhemine Ernestine Warnest
born: 17 Jul 1828, Prittisch Posen Prussia
died: 27 Feb 1904, Rowland Flat SA
Koch Connections:
- First Generation (1,129k)
Generation 2: Johann Friederich Wilhelm Koch (1st child)
1850 - 1909
1st Marriage: Louise Fredericke Bertha Gueu
1855 - 1883
2nd Marriage: Auguste Albertine Braunack
1857 - 1935
Koch Connections:
- Second Generation (3,289k)
Generation 3: Bernhard Jacob Jack Koch
(8th child)
1897 - 1983
Wife: Maria Agnes Dutschke
1899 - 1997
Generation 4: Keith Elmore Koch
(3rd child)
1927 - 2009
South Australia
Wife: Lorna Mavis Kassulke
1925 - 2019
Generation 5: Timothy Paul Koch
(4th child)
1st Marriage: Eugenie Claire Burchard, 1983 Esperance Western Australia
2nd Marriage: Lisa Anne Carpenter, 2005 Cairns Queensland Australia
Koch Connections:
- Generations 3, 4, 5 and 6 (1,364k)

Earlier Generations

The father of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch 1793-1867 was Christop Koch 1767-1806 as it appears in the Family Bible. However he is referred to as Christoph Koch in the Koch Connections book:

Christop Koch
Christoph Koch or Christop Koch

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch's mother and other siblings are unknown.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch was born on 18 November 1793 in Rackau, Brandenburg, Prussia.

Rakow (Rackau) as shown in the Koch Connections book is the correct location of our ancestors. The birth place of the 4th born son and the location of the place where Pastor Kavel came from are all within close proximity. Please note the original German names have since been changed to Polish names.

As you can see (by the links below) the location of the 3 towns are all relatively close to each other; within a 15km radius.

Rackau - now called Rakow - Google Map - Wikipedia

Home town of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch

Klemzig - now called Klepsk - Google Map - Wikipedia

Congregation of Pastor August Kavel (the Pastor that come to Australia)

Kranz - now called Krecko - Google Map - Wikipedia

Kranz is the location that 4th child Johann Gottlieb Koch was born and christened

All 3 towns: Google Map

For a complete list of family names contact:

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